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Hud Dating App Review

It's time to start talking about my experience with this app. First, compare with AFF. As a hookup app where regular men tend to get the best results with women, it's perfect to compare it to. When you know how something compares to a high-end app, it makes it very easy to decide which app you should try first.

It never hurts to try both and see for yourself but you just have so much time to spend looking for other people. We are just trying to help you avoid the worst and start with the best so you can see results quickly.

Great features, but hardly any users

Most of the apps these days are so basic that it is interesting to see some of the features that stand out. 

In the case of Hud, which is primarily a tethering app, I found some interesting features that would have been useful:

  1. Bedroom Hood: This is where you can share a lot of information about yourself from the basics (like height, smoking, drinking, etc.) to kinks (like bondage, tickling, etc.).
  2. Secure Integration: You can show a verified STD security badge on your profile. This is something that should probably be more common in delivery apps.

Besides, HUD works a lot like Tinder where you tap the heart icon on the profile you like and the X icon on a profile you're not interested in.

HUD (short for Hook Up Dating) is one of the best delivery apps out there. But is it really worth your time? We'll discuss some of the app's pros and cons, and why we think other alternatives might be better for most people.

Join HUD

To get started, simply download the app from the iTunes or Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can register on their website and follow step by step through the registration procedure.

Guidance gives you the option to link your account to your Facebook account but this is not necessary and lets you follow up with just an email.

The app is free to try. But once you install it and set up a profile picture, you'll quickly find that there's not much you can do other than wait and hope that the paying members will contact you.

There is a trial that gives you full premium access but it must be canceled before the end or you will be charged.

Among the members of HUD, men make up the majority. As with other delivery apps, attractive females get a lot of attention.


There are two types of images: private and public. You can send any of your photos during a conversation with someone.

If you set the photos to private, this will not block access to anyone other than who you choose. Viewing by free members is prohibited. But be careful because anyone who bought the full photo access pass can see all the photos, even your own.

Free viewers will see a blurred image until they upgrade.

Do research

Free users can search but are limited to searching for their current locations. Too bad if you are in a quiet area! The only way to get matches is to upgrade which allows you to expand your search boundaries.

With HUD premium, a paid membership, you can perform more comprehensive searches. It allows you to change your location and set it to any location of your choice. This will increase the number of matches you can find.

Not surprisingly, free users are also restricted in their ability to send messages and thus make contact with anyone. There is a button to send winks and flirt with others. But again to unlock full messages, you have to purchase one of the paid membership plans.

Matching on HUD

Unlike a lot of other apps, HUD doesn't use cross matches. This means that it works as a normal dating site. A person can call anyone else, regardless of whether they have shown mutual interest in each other or not.

The downside to this is that if you're famous, you might get a lot of attention. The app provides some tools to help keep your inbox tidy.


• Easily accessible from app stores
• Ability to pass during matches


• No matches in some areas
• The high ratio of men to women
• Not available for PC
• Better alternatives

1. HUD™ - Hookup Dating App Join the HUD™ community, with more than 10 million users worldwide.
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