Here all about Kuta Software

What is the Kuta Software?

Invented by Charles Kuta, an American electronics and software engineer, Kuta Software is a company based in North Bethesda, Maryland. The program is intended to provide mathematics teachers with useful tools. If you are a math teacher, you may want to check out Kuta Software.

Region License

There is no specific license for the district but districts can purchase site licenses for each school equipped.

Kuta features

Here are some of the features that make Kuta one of the best math software on the market:

Unlimited Questions

After creating a task, all questions can be recreated with just one click. While the new questions will follow the same guidelines as the original questions, they will be completely new. This feature is the core of the Kuta program.

Kuta allows you to choose the characteristics of the questions and not the actual questions. You get a new question if you replace the question. You can easily recreate entire tasks, specific question sets, or individual questions.

Easy spacing

You can simply click to resize the entire task to the length you want. Kuta allows you to give your students enough space to display their work by increasing the spacing. You can also reduce the spacing to save paper.

You can also manually control the spacing.

Kuta display mode

This is a great learning tool when combined with an LCD projector or other display system. The screen displays up to four questions simultaneously.

This feature can be used while teaching. The program will prepare your examples and allow you to display the questions on the board. This allows you to save time while planning your lesson and presenting questions with charts and graphs or longer questions. 

With a single question view, you can:

• You can adjust the zoom level so that students at the back can read it on the screen.
• If you are solving the question, draw lines next to the question for more organized work.
• Easily jump to another question - useful for reviewing homework
• Show the answer
• Show/hide question number and directions

Multi-version printing

You can print multiple copies of the assignment. Each new version can be made in several ways. You can scramble questions, change options, or create entirely new ones. Each new version can be saved after it is created.

Customization scale

The program allows you to proportionally increase or decrease the number of questions in an assignment. This is a great way to plan a lesson. This allows you to make a few example questions and then increase the number of questions to create homework. Even though the homework questions will be brand new, they will still follow the lesson exactly - you don't have to design them again.

Export Questions

You can export the questions as bitmaps, and then paste them into a word processing program.

You can also add questions created with the Kuta software to any existing tasks that you have already created with other software. The program also allows you to update old tasks by replacing old questions with new ones.

All questions can be exported.

Combine assignments

Combine multiple tasks to create one task. You can easily create quizzes, quizzes, and reviews by combining tasks from the unit, then measure the total to the appropriate length. These questions will be completely new and will follow exactly what you have been taught.

Charts are drawn to scale

All diagrams are drawn correctly, unless the answer is given away. The angle called 30deg is a true 30deg angle. If the sides of the triangle are listed as 3, 4, or 5, their lengths will be in a ratio of 3:4:5. Students can gain a better understanding of angles and measurements by seeing accurate diagrams.

Answer format

You can choose the reporting format for the assignments you print:

• on an answer sheet
• In context (next to or inside the question)
• Answer sheet with only possibilities
• There is no answer sheet

Graph tool and graph paper

High quality graph and graph paper of any size is a great way to complement your lessons. The graph can contain 0 -2 positions. Graphs can be of any size, be it logical or physical. To maximize paper usage, you can split the graphs across the page.

Edit automatically generated questions

Kuta allows you to manually modify automatically generated questions. You can always change a question if you don't like it. You can change any question slightly.

Margins and paper size

With this program, you can print jobs on any paper size your printer supports.

No problem if you print your homework on legal sized paper as the questions will be automatically repositioned without any cutting and pasting. You have complete control over paper size, pagination and margins.

Pros and Cons of Kuta Programs


• Intuitive design
• Easy to use software
• Powerful Math Program
• 14-day free trial
• good pricing


• You can still customize the questions
• Some of the questions are too easy for certain levels

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